Willing to Relocate – What Are Some Active Cyber Security Regions?

I'm looking to get into Cyber Security, so I'm looking for an entry level position. I'm willing to relocate for a job, there's nothing holding me to where I live now. I'm currently in the Nashville area and having a very difficult time finding work. A bit about me: last month I completed my BS in Security and Risk Analysis with the Information and Cyber Security Option (Penn State has replaced this with the BS in Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations degree starting this year). I have two certifications: Security+ and Cybersecurity Analyst+. I don't have any internships as I had to work full time while going to school, however I do have about a year of web development experience (PHP, MySQL, Javascript). I'm on a time crunch, I have to move by August 1st (can't stay where I'm currently staying), and I really don't care where it is that I move to. I thoroughly enjoy security, I enjoy the fact that there's always something new to learn. So I'm hoping you guys can tell me where the hotbeds of cybersecurity are where someone like me could get an entry level position? What are the possibilities of lining up the job before actually moving? Or if anybody has any advice on just getting into the field in general, that would be fantastic.

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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