Cyber security career advice

Hello everyone I would like an advice for a career in cybersecurity. I am a civil that works in military as a network engineer. I am 25 years old actually and i just got promoted as a network engineer after 3 years as a help desk specialist. Actually i did ccna and i had a great mentor in army that supported me in networking. Next year a Cyber Security Agency or better say a CERT is going to be implemented in military. All the security was managed by CIS agency but now is expanding by having a special agency for cyber. I have great opportunities in cyber inside military, because things will be designed from scratch and there will be a lot of training for people who will work at the cyber agency. Actually i dont in what kind of training and certification will institution pay for us, but i have a general IT background and i want to be prepared before the cyber agency is created. I am going to take two associate certificates with my own money in security despite what certificate will have in the future by military. What certification would you suggest that have values in the market not only in theory but also hands on certifications, by taking into the consideration that military is focused more in defense and prevention rather than offensive part? Thank you very much.

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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