Degrees or Certifications? Which one is REALLY better?

Hello Reddit!

I'm a young (22 yrs) passionate individual from the Caribbean who has his eyes set on information Security as a career with dreams of ending up in a CISO or CTO position in the future. I've completed my CompTia A+ and Network+ certifications and plan to do my Security+ the 28th of this month (June, 2019 if you're stumbling upon this sometime later on in the future). 

However, I'm stuck on my next steps after that and would love your take on this. Do I.. 

Take on a student loan and travel for university to get my bachelor's? (There's nothing that offers a computer science degree in my country, so I have to travel or pick a different major.)

Or do I stick with the certification route, get my CCNA certification and try to go for my CISSP in the future foregoing the bachelor's all together?

Thanks for reading and any advice is appreciated. Also, if you're in a managerial position and don't mind saying, what's your current qualifications like? What path did you take to get there?

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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