Wanting to learn Web App, but what to start with building the foundational knowledge?

Before I get pulverized for asking what is probably a common questions, please hear me out.

I am wanting to learn and get into Web App testing, but have nearly 0 knowledge of coding (only rudimentary python) and that's pretty much it. Just like learning about networking for infrastructure pentest, where would I start to learn the foundations that would allow me to succeed in web app pentesting. Learning about how web apps are built, how they communicate, how they are structured and what not. I know the the Web App Hackers Handbook is a great learning source, as well as the The Hacker Playbook 2/3, but what would allow me to better understand the concept explained in that book at a deeper level?

I am assuming I will need to learn JS at a deeper level, but what book would help learning the foundational stuff?

To give a relative example, I found studying for the Net+/CCNA gave fantastic knowledge in helping better understand infrastructure based pentest. What study materials would help provide me with the same knowledge to better understand Web App pentesting material?

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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