What is the best (paid) source to learn Metasploit in 2019?

Title covers most of it. I was looking for a book to order, and everyone complains the ones on Amazon are "horribly outdated". I was watching some videos on hak5 and they are also mostly old (at least the beginner ones). I am struggling to follow along with the guide on offensive security's website.

I am learning so much every day but sometimes I feel overwhelmed and like I took on a big burden getting into pentesting with no programming background. I've been practicing my understanding with Python mostly, but recently html, css, js, php, and a tiny bit of ruby. C and C++ need to come soon at least at some basic level.

Right now I am focused on learning Metasploit. I would prefer a book but if there is any other source that someone who is experienced can recommend, I would appreciate it.

Free is good but I have no expectations for free. Thank you!

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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