Currently a Web Developer, want to go into the security route. How to get started?

So I am currently pursing my Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences & Technology from Penn State. I plan to do my MBA with a concentration in Cyber Security and Software Development from Northeastern University. My current job is a "Web Developer" (It is a mix between Web Development, UI/UX, Cyber Security, and Organizational Change Management tasks) Internship.

I have a keen interest in cyber security, and I would like to start implementing security methods with my current role as a Web Developer. How would I go about asking my boss on how to do this? I hope that I would not do something wrong with no experience and look bad on my record.

My job currently has a Content Management System called Igloo that we use to maintain our Website.

Thanks, LC

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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