Why Wireshark captures other computers traffic on the network without configuring any SPAN ports

Let me start by describing my configuration

Laptop with windows 10. Running Wireshark installed with Kali Linux under VMWare Workstation using bridge configuration. I use this laptop at home and at work.

At home: Laptop connects to the internet via Wireless router

At work: Laptop connects via an Ethernet port

When I run Wireshark at home, I can see its capturing traffic not just between my laptop and router but also traffic on the network between other devices (Mac, Android etc).

When I run Wireshark at work, I don't see traffic going through other devices. I only get to see traffic that has my laptop involved in one way or another.

My understanding is that in order for Wireshark to capture other devices traffic on the network, one needs to configure SPAN port on the switch. So the behaviour at work looks correct to me. What confuses me is why Wireshark at home captures traffic for other devices too?

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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