Fundamentals of Hiding Geolocation and VPN use


I'm a digital nomad and have been travelling the world whilst working my corporate IT job for 6 years. My company has instituted a new policy about "allowable countries" which is now in force, causing me big problems. I'm looking for a solution to fool their geolocation, so I don't have to get a new job. They are already detecting VPN services such as NordVPN. I assume this is because they are checking for hosting provider IP address ranges, which also eliminates the possibility of rolling my own VPN using a hosted VPS. I have an apartment in an allowable country so I'm thinking about setting up a VPN to my home network, which I would connect to whilst abroad. I would then use my corporate vpn via my personal VPN, with connections seeming to come from my part-time home office rather than abroad. Can someone sanity check me on this? I only care about traffic seeming to come from my home office. Packet interception between my remote location and home office is irrelevant. Does this mean a basic OpenVPN connection is sufficient? Does a basic OpenVPN connection prevent the receiver from detecting that an IP anonymizer/VPN was used? If not, do I need to layer on additional obfuscation?

I'm open to buying new routers for both server and client side.


Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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