Should I (M,32 year old) rejoin the military to get cyber security training

I served 4 years in the Marine Corps Infantry was I was younger. After I got out I got my Bachelors in Management Information Systems, and Net+/Sec+ certs. I then went into a few different application support and general IT/Network Admin type jobs. I am 32 now and live in the Seattle area with my Wife and 3 kids. Within the last year or two I have discovered a love for infosec/cyber security. I have been doing my own studying, challenges, and consuming all the articles/blogs/videos/newsletters I have time for.

Even with all this I can't help but feel behind. Does r/AstNetsec think going back into the military with a security job locked into my contract to get experience is a good idea?

FYI I called around today to see if I am even eligible to rejoin and found that the Airforce won't cross train me. The Army and Marine Corps will take me. The Navy won't pick up the phone.

I would greatly appreciate any input, advice, or related personal experiences.

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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