How can I protect my company’s info when we don’t have any tools to do so?

We don't have an IDS, no email spam filter, no O365, no real knowledge of vulnerability assessments, and to top it all off we are given the excuse of there isn't enough money to buy what we need. Our employees are getting viruses on their PC's and we don't have a good way to image multiple at once.

On the bright side, our Firewall or AV server will let us know if someone already downloaded a malicious file so we do know who gets the virus, but once it's on the client we can't be for sure that the PC is clean unless we re-image entirely. I like cyber security and I want to prevent more of this, but dealing with all of the stuff going on it's just so stressful.

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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