2018 List Of Black Friday Netsec Resources

2018 Netsec Black Friday Deals


  • No referral links

  • Are you related to the company or own it. That is okay as long as you state it. People who do not state their relations and it becomes apparent they are directly related will be removed. If you would like to help out your business, I recommend providing direct links.


I have no relations to any of the listed companies.

Hello, I have started a list of some upcoming Black Friday sales.

You may submit any application to this list by posting a comment and I will maintain the list.

Top Picks

  • Shodan.io ($5 vs. $50 for lifetime | 90% off) (Friday through Monday)

  • Pastebin Pro |Tweet ($20 vs. $50 for lifetime | 60% off)

  • PentesterLab (One Year for $146.52)

  • Hak5 (Lots of Sales; Always have great stuff)

Virtual Machines

  • VMWare (Coupon Code: BF2018) (Expired Nov 19 2018)


VPS / Hosting

  • Prometeus (VPS Hosting; Lots of Deals) (Expires 26 Nov. 2018)

    • Professional Windows SSD VPS 40% OFF for life! Included free FTP account, free DNS!. Please use this coupon code on checkout W40N.
    • 40% discount for 200 iwCredits addon! Please use this coupon code on checkout BF200FOR120
    • 30% discount for 100 iwCredits addon! Please use this coupon code on checkout BF100FOR70
    • SpamExpert Antispam domain with 75% discount! Thanks to our partnership with SpamExpert we have a limited number of domains that we can sell with a massive 75% discount! Also if you need outgoing antispam filtering we can enable it for free (just file a ticket after your account is active). Please use this coupon code on checkout ANTISPAM75OFF.
    • 15% discount on everything: services, VPS, iwStack account and iwCredits ! Just use the coupon code BF2018 on checkout!

Surveillance / Home Security / Physical Security


Antivirus Solutions

  • ESET (Great Antivirus; Sale until 26 Nov. 2018)


  • GitKraken (This is a great GUI for Git; Use code GKBF18 for individual purchase. GKBF18Team for 10+ purchases)

  • VirusBay.io (Mostly just accessories; Ends 26 Nov. 2018)


If you have a .edu account, you may get a Shodan Account for free. Be sure to thank them at their twitter for their amazing service. The creator(s) are real nice people although I forget their reddit accounts.

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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