How van I fix disconnected AlienVault Anywhere Sensor

I noted that the sensor is stuck In old version for several months. Then saw system error that it cannot download license. Decided to reboot it and now, it's stuck in initiating the connection.

The sensor is deployed on ESXI 6.7 with one of the latest builds and has no issues with connectivity. I can SSH to the IP but since I don't have the credentials (deployed before my time and not saved), I cannot login to it to see what errors are In the sensor. Connected via http and see that it is trying to connect. Checked connection via port 9000 and I see it stuck in the initialisation phase.

After googling, noted that password recovery is not an option. Would prefer to at least have the damn thing connect to the cloud so I know all is ok aAnd maybe look into redeploying – not today.

I don't get it, the sensor seems up since I see the alienvault banner via ESXI and login prompt. SSH is up, http is up. Why is it stuck and not connecting to the cloud? (Ps. Network issue is not the case). Also verified sizing is as per minimum requirements:

8 core / 16 GB mem / 150 GB disk (100 + 50) as specified.


Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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