How much time you spend on a CTF challenge before google’ing write up?

Noob here. Asking this I'm doing a serial CTF (OTW's bandit) as my first steps in the world of CTFs. Should I just crack my head on each one even if it takes me a lot of time? For some it seems just a matter of being familiar with a wide range of UNIX commands, which can sometimes (maybe?) be an inefficient way of making progress, instead of looking for the writeup after reading the CTF, and giving it a 10-15 minutes thought.

Bonus question: do you prefer the man pages or google, as a resource?

Bonus question number 2: how often do you go back to do a CTF you already solved in the pass, just to make sure you remember and understand the 'material'?

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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