Cybersecurity major career help

Hello reddit, I am looking for some advice. I am currently attending school full time for cybersecurity network forensics and intrusion investigation at one of the few schools in the country endorsed by NSA, Homeland Security and DC3. I have been unemployed this past year and focusing on school but have also been looking for my next big opportunity. My classes now are online so I can work a day job. I have probably applied to 75+ positions, desktop support, system admin, security analyst etc… My last job was essentially helpdesk and I hated it, being tied to a desk wearing a headset all day was just not for me and I was not utilizing my degree. I am looking for something mid level in the security or admin field. One thing I know is holding me back is not having a security clearance, seems like all the jobs I see posted require it. It also seems like lack of experience holds me back, I know I need experience but taking another helpdesk role will not help me. I want to be challenged and learn not reset passwords and reboot routers. Maybe its my resume, it could also by my geographical area (upstate NY). I have considered moving to a major city for a couple years to gain some experience in the field. I have less than a year left to obtain my degree but didn't think that would deter potential employers since I am pursuing and doing well. I have gotten interviews but they were for entry level help desk roles that did not pay well. I have also thought maybe getting some certs like security+ and network+ would help. Another problem is even though I am 33 I essentially have the same experience of someone 10 years younger than me that has just graduated. Unfortunately I am not in my 20's living home with my parents so I can't afford to take unpaid internships or entry level wages because I do live on my own and have bills. My question is what are the next steps I should take, given all the options I have went over? I am open to any and all advice and will also post a link to my resume if anyone wants to give me some feedback.

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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