is there a good way to isolate a computer on a LAN?

I have a ASUS RT-AC53U and an old computer I want to set up a server on (just for fun it won't run well and I know that). I am by no means experienced with networking so I would like to set up this computer in it's own little corner of my LAN, isolated from anything important so that if it gets hacked I just wipe it and start again. Is there a good way to do this, my router doesn't support VLAN :(. I am looking at the "guest network" feature but would really prefer an Ethernet connection.

So I guess TL:DR, two questions, is there a better way than the "guest network" feature to separate my LAN, and how useful would this be for me?(more specifically, would I be able to set port forwards/ virtual servers that apply only to the guest network and would this set up be secure?)

Also I am not very gud at Ernglish, if you need clarification just ask!

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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