Catch22 setting up Burp Collaborator?

I am setting up a Burp Collaborator instance but am completely stuck following guides that people have published.

  1. Burp Collaborator seems to require glue records set for a domain.

At the registrar level you need to set glue records assigning dns capabilities to the collaborator server. This is understandable since Collaborator needs to detect if Burp caused a victim server to gethostbyname(

  1. To use lets encrypt wild card certificates as every guide suggests you need to add a TXT record to verify you control the domain.

Once you set glue records to the collab server you lose the ability to serve those TXT records.

How do I use my normal registrar's dns but still allow Burp to be the authoritative dns server for the subdomains?

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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