A question about channel hopping on monitor mode (probe requests with scapy)

Hi, i'm not sure if this fits here, but i guess you lot more than most about probe-requests and channels.

I have written a python script with scapy to:

a) put pi in monitor mode

b) sniff for probe requests (packet type 0 and subtype 4)

c) log and summarise it

And so far its working great. But i was thinking, ''mmm i reckon i should be seeing more phones than that" so i realised that my script is locked into whatever channel it starts on. So i figured out a way to channel hop within the script (not with scapy, don't think it can be done, i wrapped it in subprocess.popens – hey, its fugly, but it works!) anyway – now i am getting a lot LESS probe requests.

So what i wanted to know – are all channels used for probe requests? are there a few that i should be focusing on? Also, my packetHandler function is on a timeout of 10 seconds before bouncing to the next channel – should i be waiting longer?

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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