Firefox vs Chrome and how to think about browser security?

Hey! Did a quick search of this and found an old conversation from three years ago here. The thread seemed to suggest that while Firefox was better for privacy (for obvious reasons), Chrome's more sophisticated use of sandboxing and research into malicious websites made it better for security.

Three questions (in decreasing order of importance):

1) In the last 3 years, have there been any major changes to Firefox or Chrome / Chromium's security features that warrant a renewed conversation on the pros and cons of each browser?

2) More generally, how should one think about browser security / vulnerabilities? Any technical guides on browser safety beyond just "be careful of what you click and use ublock origin"?

3) What are your best practices for using browsers? For e.g. I try to open up all my pdfs in-browser but not sure if this is actually giving me any added security, etc.


Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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