Certificate paths

Hey so I have spent some time looking through this sub on security+ and oscp certs. I see that it’s suggested to build a base before approaching the oscp which makes sense to me. It’s hard to really protect an enterprise network if you have no experience working in one. I have a 3 year degree in computer systems and currently a network administrator with 4 years experience. I am very comfortable with Windows server and Linux. I am decent in Python and PowerShell also. I feel I have enough experience and skills to start with oscp but I want to know if you think I do or not.

My question is should I start with the security+ or just dive into oscp? I have a solid background already on security and it’s basic concepts (I think). Thanks and sorry I know this is asked a lot but I feel each person is in a different situation with a different background.

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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