How does man in the middle work on a network level?

I want to write a small program for ARP poisoning but I do not know where in the network the attacker has to be.

I have a network consisting of a victim, an attacker and a switch. If the attacker and the victim are both connected to the switch, the answer from the switch will arrive faster than the attack from the attacker. Therefore, I guess the attacker needs to be between the victim and the switch. All packets are inspected, ARP requests are filtered out and a "wrong" answer is sent back.

However, in such a case, what kind of network settings are necessary on the attackers device?

Example network: Switch = Attacker = Victim =

Switch <—— >Attacker <——> Victim

So the attacker needs to have on its "left" and on its "right" side? What kind of routing is necessary to make it work?

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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