[META] Community discussion: Allow low-effort career and cert questions, or continue to remove?

Question to the community:

We get a lot of

Fresh grad here. What should I do now?


What cert should I get?

questions, which I typically remove for Rule #1 and Low-Effort.

Just checking with the community:

Would you prefer we allow these (common) posts, or continue to remove them?

Please cast your vote by adding a comment to one of the threads below. Please include any thoughts as to why you voted for or against.

[# of "upvotes" won't be counted (see below), please add a comment voicing your opinion!]

* Add a comment replying HERE to vote TO ALLOW these posts

* Add a comment replying HERE to vote TO CONTINUE TO REMOVE these posts

Note: "Upvotes" (as shown to users and mods) are not necessarily an accurate number of users who support the idea. As such, upvotes with no comment won't be considered.
I also would appreciate if you did not "downvote" this post intending to "vote on the issue."

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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