What tools do you use for creating Playbooks / Runbooks?

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For all the Analysts/Responders/SOC managers/Engineers: what tools do you use to create and manage Playbooks and/or Runbooks?

For the sake of discussion, I am talking about low-level procedural documentation or workflows that shows step-by-step how an analyst should handle a security incident. The terminology seems to vary between vendors and organisations, but essentially what I am referring to is something that looks like either a flow chart or an ordered list of instructions. For reference, here is an example:

IncidentResponse.com Malware Playbook

In both my current and previous role, we have used either Visio or Gliffy (Confluence plug-in) to create flowcharts and saved these wiki-style in Confluence or SharePoint.

My dream feature set would be a tool that allows for fast and easy editing, hyperlinks to URLs, integration with SOAR and Case/Ticket Management. Ideally it would be modular in the sense that it would allow you to link to decision trees / steps in another Playbook. For example, the playbook for responding to a phishing email might have a lot of overlap with a playbook for a user that browsed to a malicious link. I would like to be able to create one subset of rules for checking threat intel and reputation, see who visited the URL, and block if malicious. This might go in a tree called “URL Investigation” that could be referenced by both master playbooks and only updated in one place.

My research has basically left me with two general options:

1) A SOAR/Case mgmt solution like Phantom, Swimlane, Demisto, etc. 2) “Paper-based” like Visio/Gliffy/Omnigraffle-style flowcharts as we are using today.

Is anyone using a different approach? If you are using option 1, what tool do you use and how effective is it? If option 2, have you found a particular tool or setup that works best?

My issue with option 1 is that most of these solutions seem designed around automation, but aren’t generally as good for the non-technical steps like communications, decision-making, Intel gathering, vendor or professional services contact, etc. With cost as a consideration, these tools seem like a bit of overkill when we are still probably 12 months away from implementing any serious automation.

For context, we are a small SOC at a medium company with a high turnover and a healthy security budget. We use Splunk, ELK, TheHive, O365, and ServiceNow for our helpdesk. I’m looking for a way to reorganise our playbooks to make life easier for our lower-level analysts and to keep our processes as consistent as incident response can be. Really curious to know what works for others.

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