Anybody uses kali on hyperv instead of vmware?

i noticed that the latest release of kali 2020.2 is available for vmware and vbox but only 2019.3 is for hyperv. But I can easily just update kali once installed. Weird that the version available is not on par with the others and is 2 releases behind.

thinking of using hyperv because it is more close to being a type1 hypervisor compared to vmware/vbox which are type 2. type 1 has a bit more performance being closer to the hw.

What do you guys think? have you tried kali on hyperv before and regretted it or there are some problems I should know about?

I've also read that hyperv doesn't have a native way of interacting with the vm with a screen and that is why all windows vms need to use RDP to get a working GUI. Will kali or any linux distro be restricted to being controlled via ssh or some other remote desktop managers?

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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