What is your take on block chain based online voting?

Hi all… New to the sub. I'm reasonably technical (data scientist/engineer), but not so much on the security side of things since most of my work happens on prem or in AWS ecosystems. So don't spare details with the answer (I need to learn).

Currently some states and counties have some voting online. But this is usually relegated to supposedly low risk factions, nothing quite so high-risk as Senate seats and the presidency itself. A lot of the counter arguments against online voting seem pretty unsatisfactory.

That said I wanted to get a reality check from folks that get their hands dirty and know what the fuck are talking about.

1) Given that voter fraud exists even in traditional ballot boxes, overall how secure could we make online voting today?

2) What technologies could we use? (Block chain?)

3) What are the major risks to using these technologies? What techniques could be used to defeat them?

4) What problems do you think having a log or receipt of your vote would cause? Is this an ideal way to defeat possible voters suppression / scams / interference?

5) What are your general thoughts about online voting?

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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