What is the real damage caused by ClickJacking iFrame Vulnerability?


I have recently come across clickjacking and how it is reliant upon a vulnerability in the iFrame relating to same user-origin and the Content Security Policy (CSP) not being setup.

What I don't understand is how clickjacking is dangerous and its true usage. Sure you may be able to put a vulnerable login page and have invisible buttons – but then how does it all work in terms of an attacker getting what they want?

My understanding is that an iFrame or inline frame is essentially a window and HTML tag that allows one to embed third party content on their website. So for example, Google Maps or even a Twitter Feed.

But then what I don't quite get is how it can be used to cause damage and in what cases

If someone could clarify this, that would be great!


Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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