Career in Information Security & Compliance

I currently work as a Data Analyst, but I've been offered a job (or at least a job interview) for a position called "Information Security / Compliance Analyst". From what I understand from the job posting it's not a technical role at all (which I like) but it's more about mitigating risks, audits, making sure people comply to all regulations and act in a compliant way, etc.
Also, they apparently don't require certification or much experience in the field (which I also don't have). However, I can see myself working in that field, since I'm not very interested in the field I'm currently working in.
My question now is: is such a non-technical Information Security role a viable career option and what will the future for these positions most likely look like? Are there lots of open positions in this field? Or are most of them rather technical?
Happy for any input regarding this decision.

Thank you!

Touch here for the full post on Network Security Noblemen tumblr

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